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"The 2014 inaugural Mountain Man & Goat Race

was epic. In 2015 & 2016 it just got faster."

 The Coast turned on another stunner day for the Mountain Man & Goat Race. “Conditions were perfect…and fast.” – Event Director Phil Lemon


I just wanted to say thank you for a great event! I had a great time and the views from the top are definitely a highlight of my trip! “ - Travis Pirozzini, Canada.


"We absolutely loved it last year, - awesome country, organized really well and loads of smiley happy faces at the end." - Karen Elliot, NZ


"Love it ! " : Event Winner 2015: Jeremy Mckenzie, NZ


Local photographer Stephen Roberts captured the event brilliantly, showing off what the Coast has to offer. Take a look through the Gallery to get a taste of what the Mountain Man & Goat race.


Take a look a what the West Coast has to offer...


 This is why this event has so much more...